It’s time to heal & release the blocks that hold you back

from creating, cultivating and sustaining

your most joy-filled, peacefull & prosperous

Biz & Life….

…and TOTAL HEALING on Every Level of your BEing!

~ Peaceful Prosperity ~

For the Healers, Alchemists, Shamans, Sorcerers & Starseeds

of Earth

Dear Divine Tribe:

You ~ WE! ~ are a part of the Dream Team here on Earth to help our Tribes

remember their Divine Magic, embrace all of who they are,

do all of what they are meant to do in this lifetime –

and BE the Light, the Healing, the Magic, the PROSPEROUS PEACE they are here to BE!

In order to be strong enough to fulfill your mission and create your prosperity,

it is necessary that you heal & BECOME PEACE, yourself!

As you release what is no longer needed on all levels of your Being ~

as you alchemize from heavy to Light ~

you begin to step into your power

You begin to magnetize and ALLOW your DREAM life and biz experiences ~

as well as your TRUE TRIBE ~

into your realm.

As you become more and more of WHO YOU ARE,

and embrace the brilliance of your inner flame, you embody confidence.

You embrace Self-Love as a way of being.


As you consciously choose to BE PEACE,


you are the pebble causing the ripple in the pond for those around you.

Indeed, for all of humanity, as we are connected collectively by webs of golden stars.

As you consciously choose to let go of any way you may have been holding yourself back

and consciously choose Peace & Joy, instead –

you become more and more available to do your life’s work 

~ to live your purposes ~ 

~ to serve your Tribe ~

to feel fulfilled, JOY-filled, peaceful, prosperous – and FREE.

It’s time for us Soul-Powered Shamans~Messengers~Healers to gather as a whole and ALCHEMIZE.

It’s time for us to RE-CLAIM OUR STARDUST

and re-birth into the stars we’ve always been meant 


It’s time we unwrap from anything we’ve allowed to encase and keep dim our inner Light.

It’s time.

You are a Super Star!

I am Astra. I facilitate Total Healing on Every Level of Your Being,

and Peaceful Prosperity in Biz & Life!

Join Us in Prosperous Souls to Create Your Prosperous Biz & Life:

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