Are You ALL IN for Your Prosperity?

Prosperity for Shamans, Healers, Messengers…. Are you thriving in all areas of your life and biz? Total Healing  Joy Finances Relationships Remember recently when I emailed about closing my Soul Biz membership to new members and opening up a brand new energetic space called HEAL, which focuses on healing EVERYTHING? (If you are not on my email … Read moreAre You ALL IN for Your Prosperity?

From Secret Star to SACRED STAR

All you ever need is inside of you.Healing isn’t really about changing yourself, if you think about it. Healing is about BECOMING you. All of who you are. Throughout this and other lifetimes we’ve gone along picking up stuff from outsides ourselves: Other peoples’ beliefs, pattern, habits, theories, energies and emotions. One of the top most important … Read moreFrom Secret Star to SACRED STAR

This is a Momentous Day!

* This is a Momentous Day (and yes, it has to do with puppies…)…. Find out why else this day is momentous by listening to this episode of the SHINE podcast! (Hint: Where are you blocking yourself from moving forward?) * CLICK PIC TO LISTEN TO THE EPISODE! ⏬⏬ * SCROLL DOWN for my specially … Read moreThis is a Momentous Day!

Puppies are Not for the Faint of Heart

Puppies are not for the faint of heart. If you take one (or more) of these beautiful beings of love into your home and heart, be sure you are prepared to go waaay more deeply into your Inner Healing than ever before. And make the promise – to them and to yourself – that you … Read morePuppies are Not for the Faint of Heart