* There is no end to energy – it can always be replenished when you create your conscious intention of refreshment and renewal. There is no lack except in the mind. There is always a way to invite more abundance IN. Universe provides. It is one of Humans’ lessons to re-open and re-receive. ALL is … Read moreCONSCIOUS

The Happier I Choose to BE

* This is an Alchemy Mantra for you. Say it LOUD! * * The happier I choose to BE: * The happier those around me become (Humans and The Animals alike!) The more abundance I attract The more time I have The more fun I experience The more relaxed my body is The more attractive … Read moreThe Happier I Choose to BE

[VIDEO] Create What You DO Desire (Not What You Don’t!)

Create What You DO Desire (Not What You Don’t!) ~ with Astra A story of 3 amazing & magical women, how they sometimes get in their own way, and the shifts they can make to ALCHEMIZE into the GOLD THEY ARE HERE TO BE! #NewEarth #Shamans #Healing #Empowerment #Abundance Are you ready to SHINE? >> SHINE … Read more[VIDEO] Create What You DO Desire (Not What You Don’t!)

[VIDEO] Happy Vibes = Wealthy Lives! 🧙‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧚‍♂️

Happy Vibes = Wealthy Lives! Channeling & Guided Shamanic Healing with Astra the Shaman 🧙‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧚‍♂️ Be sure to be in a quiet, meditative space while receiving this healing. Love, Astra Are you ready to SHINE? >> SHINE Divine Biz Portal << I appreciate you! Love, Astra the Biz Shaman

MONEY: An Interview with God/Universe

* I was guided to conduct an interview with God/Universe on the subject of Money. What follows here is the result of this guidance.… GOD/UNIVERSE: We wish to share with you the importance of ridding yourself of any aversion to money.  When you hold on to the aversions, you are holding yourself back from expansion … Read moreMONEY: An Interview with God/Universe