The Divine Biz & Health Portal

SEERS, Be Seen!

It’s time. 


The Divine Biz & Health Portal


The Portal is a vessel for Human Healing & Empowerment for the Divine Biz Owners & Spiritual Entrepreneurs of Earth.

It’s the space where you ~ my Tribe: my Healer, Alchemist, Shaman, Sorcerer & Starseed Peeps ~ come to receive respite as your souls alchemize from heavy to light.

A space where you get to step into your power, release all visibility blocks ~ from this and every Lifetime ~ claim your abundance…and finally SHINE!


I know that if I’ve been going through MAJOR shifts in my own Divine Biz (and I HAVE!), and releasing ancient wads of energetic “cotton” that were meant to protect me from being seen and heard (and therefore killed) in past lives – that you, Beautiful One, are feeling it on some level too.

You may be feeling like SO MUCH is trying to come through you.

You might burst.

But some thing, some ancient weirdness (and not the good kind of weird) has been keeping you quiet.

You might feel held back PHYSICALLY, like a giant hand is planted on your chest as you try to press forward.

You may have odd physical symptoms popping up that seem to have no explanation.

I get it.

I get it all.

And it’s all been happening to me

~ I’ve been processing through it all ~

so that I 
can help you.

I AM Astra the Biz Shaman ~ Alchemist ~ Sorcerer.

I AM the Starseed with the message of peace, abundance
and the beautiful life that IS HERE for you
when you
pull aside the cobwebs, 
lift yourself out of the dirt and dust that no longer serves,
step into the sunlight
and wave your Magic Arms as if to say:






Ready to connect? Come forth my wondrous TRIBE, listen to all I have to teach you….

Come absorb all that is in readiness to channel through me
for you!”

YES YES! DIVINE ONE! That is YOU! You are a magical, wonderful Teacher who deserves to be VISIBLE!

And I say to you:

I have downloaded the 4…PANTHEONS….OOOOH!!…of Divine Biz Owners….

{>> pantheon (lowercase) – the gods of a particular mythology considered collectively}

…SO perfect, because we ARE the gods and goddesses who are creating the most BEAUTIFUL MYTHS on Earth through our Divine Biz Portals as we live and breathe!….

YES! I have downloaded the 4 Divine Biz Pantheons – Alchemists, Shamans, Sorcerers & Starseeds – and channeled:

~ Why we are here

~ How we work in support of our Tribes (and why they need us)

~ Our Elements and how to work with them

~ How we can become powerfully VISIBLE as we share our messages and offerings, so that we vibrationally attract our Tribes TO us. 

[BTW – you can be more than one pantheon. I AM all 4. In fact, each of us has all 4 within.]

>> In the Divine Biz & Health Portal, we work together from the perspective of your most prominent Divine Biz Pantheon(s) (and we discover and uncover what those are!) to get you flowing into your most miraculous Visibility Rhythm! 

>> We work to strengthen your pantheons/elements which are still a bit “under construction,” so that you are vibrating and operating as the FULLY LOADED Divine Biz Owner you’ve come here in this Lifetime to BE!

>> You gain DIAMOND clarity on your Gifts, your message and your Biz ~ that which ONLY YOU are uniquely qualified to teach and share with your Tribe.

>> You gain CONFIDENCE around sharing and speaking your Truth. And being seen. And heard.

>> You lift yourself up from all pasts wracked with trauma and fear – UP, UP and INTO your most beautiful, brilliant, SELF-CREATED Life on Earth.

>> You embrace ALL of you – the mess, the message, the blood, the beauty, the humanness, the spirit, the heart, the soul – you GLOW in all of your full-on witchiness, weirdness, wackiness and WONDROUSNESS!

>> You HEAL on every level of your Being!

And I am here, with you, for you – for it ALL.

COME. The Portal is waiting.


In the Portal you receive over $20,000 in monthly value:

Powerful and loving vibrational support from me and my Dream Team, 24/7

~ God
~ Universe

The Animals
~ Queen Mab (the Fairy Queen)
~ Freya (Norse Goddess of fertility, love, gold, beauty and death
~ Lakshmi (Hindu Goddess of Prosperity)
~ The Sen Enras (the Spirit Beings who are healers for healers)

~ Soul-Alchemy Immersions led by “volunteer” spirit guides who are with us for an allotted length of time within the Portal, and who offer personalized healing plus channeled Soul Activations and Empowerment Messages for you.

~ Access to our recent Soul Alchemy Immersion *Into the Fire with FREYA* – during which this Norse Goddess of fertility, love, gold, beauty has supported us in lighting ourselves up in all the ways – (re)claiming our gifts – and embodying and BEING VISIBLE with our Truths. This way we can best serve our Tribes.* ($777 Value)

~ Access to past Soul Alchemy Immersions: PROSPERITY with Lakshmi, and MAGIC AND MANIFESTING WITH THE FAIRIES. ($1111 Value)

~ The Divine Biz & Health Goldmine Collection: Dozens and dozens of Master Classes ~ Meditations ~ Sound Healings ~ Empowerment, Visibility & Abundance Tools ~ that you can access any time you need a magical boost! More material added to the Goldmine monthly! ($9999+ [and counting!] Value)

~ Inclusion in our twice monthly distant Divine Biz & Health Healing Circles, plus email reports of what happened during each healing. ($444 Monthly Value)

~ Weekly channeled Divine Biz & Health Soul Activations for Empowerment, Visiblity & Abundance ($747 Monthly Value)

~ Personalized Divine Biz & Health Mentoring access to me 24/7 in our private Facebook group! ($9999 Monthly Value)


As you release what is no longer needed on all levels of your Being ~ indeed, as you alchemize from heavy to Light ~ you automatically begin to step into your power

You naturally begin to CREATE your DREAM life and biz experiences and magnetize your TRUE TRIBE members into your realm.

As you become more and more of WHO YOU ARE, and embrace the brilliance of your inner flame, you embody confidence.

You embrace Self-Love as a way of being.

You embrace YOU.

As you consciously choose to become light, you are the pebble causing the ripple in the pond for those around you.

Indeed, for all of humanity, as we are connected collectively by webs of golden stars.


As you consciously choose to let go of any way you may have been holding yourself back, you become more and more available for your life’s work 

~ to live your purposes ~ 

~ to serve your Tribe ~

and, at long last, to feel fulfilled, JOY-filled, abundant, peaceful and FREE.


It’s time for us Divine Biz Owners to gather as a whole and ALCHEMIZE.

It’s time for us to RE-CLAIM OUR STARDUST

and re-birth into the stars we were always meant 



It’s time we unwrap from anything we’ve allowed to encase and keep dim our inner Light.

It’s time.


Monthly – $147, or receive 2 months free when you sign up Annually – $1477


Cancellation/Renewal Policy: You retain the pricing that is in place at the time of your sign-up for as long as you remain a member of The Divine Biz & Health Portal. You may cancel at any time. If you cancel, you will remain a member for the remainder of the month or year that you are signed up for. Once your membership is complete you will be removed from the membership group until such time that you decide to rejoin. Membership fees are subject to change. Should you cancel and rejoin at a later date, the newest membership fee will apply.


Most importantly, the Portal is a space of magic, support, love and ALCHEMY where you get to drop everything you’re not, HEAL, BE ALL OF YOU ~ and SHINE in your Divine Biz.


BE the Light, the Healing, the Magic, the Change!



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