Seven Ways to Get Grounded


Your dreams are already here. They exist within you.

But one cannot create ones’ dreams into physical reality from a space of ungroundedness.

And you are here on this physical planet in a physical body for a reason, yes?

To create your DREAM reality into PHYSICAL reality from within your shining Soul!

Therefore today I will share seven powerful ways in which to become grounded!

Some you’ve probably heard about. Some you may already practice.

It can be challenging to remember to practice getting grounded all of the time – but it feels SO important for me to share that being grounded has been the single most important ingredient in my own experience when it comes to creating my dreams into my physical realm!



1. Spend time alone. Gifting yourself alone-time gives you a break from taking in (and often taking on) other people’s stuff.

2. Walk upon the Earth. Connecting to the Earth is ESSENTIAL when it comes to being GROUNDed. 😉

3. Sleep. Sleeping takes care of alone time while also allowing your inner world to work things out. And…we can’t function without being physically refreshed!

4. Take an aromatherapy bath. Use earthy, herbal scents that bring you into your physical body.

5. Self-massage. Touching your body PHYSICALLY reminds you that you HAVE a body.

6. Move. Stretch, do some yoga, dance – anything that – again – reminds you that you are a physical being!


This last one, though, is the fastest way that I have found to become powerfully grounded in your body, and grounded to the Earth – and you can literally do it ANYWHERE, ANY TIME:

7. Take a few moments to stop what you’re doing and sit. And BE.



We are so often caught up in the mode of “doing, doing, doing,” all the time.

And a state of constant busy-ness creates ungroundedness.


However…*Sitting* requires connecting to the Earth.

So you might as well connect to yourself and simply BE, while you’re at it!


From this grounded space comes connection to soul.

From connection to soul comes breath.

From breath comes dreaming.

From dreaming comes creation.


From this state of BEing you will see all that you wish for start to translate into your physical realm like MAGIC.

And for this, you will thank your shining Soul – your Partner in Creation!



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