New Earth Shaman Collective


Beauteous One:

Is your soul whispering to you to come out of hiding

and BE the shaman you came here in this lifetime to BE?


You are likely a New Earth Shaman if….

…You feel a deep calling to bring Whole Soul Healing to humanity ~ via nature, the elements, and helpful spirit beings. Quite possibly you already have some sort of healing practice or spiritual biz.

…You’ve always felt connected with dimensions beyond (what others think of) as “the norm,” and you currently sense Earth and Humanity shifting into a higher vibration ~ I.E. >> The New Earth. << (Even if you can’t yet put this experience into “logical terms“.)

…You’ve always had a sense that there is something “Magical” about you.

…Your intuition is off the charts. You probably receive your intuitive information in many ways.

…You’ve experienced trauma, in this lifetime or past lifetimes, from which you are healing….And you’ve put yourself on your journey of Conscious Healing.

…You tend to experience other people’s emotions, and in the past have found it hard NOT to hold on to their baggage.

…You feel deeply connected to other planets, stars, the moon and “space.” You understand that we are not alone in the cosmos.

…Since you were a child, you’ve found yourself “communicating” with beings that aren’t human…such as animals, flowers, trees, stones, spirits, ghosts and Angels. (Even if you aren’t quite sure how you’re doing so.)


> If you’re not sure that you are a shaman, but just thinking about it strikes a chord of familiarity in your Soul….

> If you have an inkling that you are a shaman, but you aren’t sure what that means in your life or in your biz….

> If you are new to creating your spiritual biz ~ on- or offline ~ and aren’t sure where to start….

> Or even if you’ve been at your spiritual biz for a while and just feel stuck, blocked, or like you are spinning your wheels ~ and you need support for your UNSTICKING….

> OR, if you would simply LOVE to have your SOUL-ALIGNED community around you (for, being a New Earth Shaman can sometimes feel lonely….) ~ PLUS receive deep vibrational support on every level of your Being as you continue to grow and expand into your FULL-ON MAGICAL SHAMAN SELF….



Dear Beloved New Earth Shaman ~ it is time to: 

Get unstuck!

Claim your Spiritual Leader Power!

Shine your Truth out to your Tribe….

And OWN your Soul-Aligned Success!

  • If it is time for you to create and run your business as the EMPOWERED SHAMAN you came here in this lifetime to BE….
  • If it is time for you to CREATE and SUSTAIN your success from deep within your Soul….
  • If you are ready to let go of all that is not truly you, and BE the W.E.A.L.T.H.™* you wish to SEE in your life & biz….



If you truly desire to love yourself so fully that your Inner Light can’t help but SHINE OUT and WELCOME IN your Tribe….

If you are ready to shake off ancient poverty mindsets that were never yours in the first place and OWN YOUR PROSPERITY….

I AM here for you & with you Divine One ~ mirroring your Amazingness back to you at all times!



A HUGELY important reason to embrace your Shaman Power is so you become 100% conscious that every single thing you will ever need in order to create your Soul-Aligned success resides within your Soul – and you always have access to this wisdom at all times!

For, as shamans, we are in full connection with our Souls.

Your Soul is your Inner “Truth-o-Meter.” It will always let you know when something is not aligned with your being.

Your purposes become CLEAR when you are in full contact and connection with your Soul.

When your purposes are CLEAR, they then become integrated with your body, mind and energy field.

When your purposes are integrated with your body, mind and energy field, you no longer have resistance to sharing your Gifts and speaking your Truth!

When you KNOW LOVE AND TRUST your Soul, you are IN THE FLOW ~ and you can feel and know…that all is well!


It’s time to Nourish Your Spiritual Leader Power and SHINE as the BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL NEW EARTH SHAMAN YOU ARE!

Your TRIBE needs the TRUE YOU.

Your SELF.








*(p.s. W.E.A.L.T.H.™ Alchemy, the healing system that has created itself through me, allows you to transmute into your Whole Health, Empowerment, Abundance [including money], Love [including Self-Love], Transcendence and Happiness! 😉

You receive DAILY W.E.A.L.T.H.™ Alchemy, in many delicious forms, in our powerful group!)


Who am I ~ and why am I uniquely qualified to lead this group?


I AM Astra the Shaman. I have been a shaman/witch/Messenger/Teacher/Leader in several lifetimes.

In many of these lifetimes I was also tortured, banished or killed ~ or all of the above ~ for being my True, Empowered, Soul-Aligned Self.

So I fully understand how scary, vulnerable and nerve-wracking it can feel in THIS lifetime to come out of the closet as your TRUE SELF – in all of your FULL-ON MAGICAL GLORY!

I know it’s freaking scary. Sometimes it’s downright peel-your-skin-off-pull-your-hair-out FRIGHTENING to OWN that you are a Gifted, Magical Soul, here in this lifetime to fulfill your purpose by supporting your True Tribe on their journeys of empowerment, expansion and Soul-Aligned Success!

My dearest NES folks (New Earth Shamans 😉 ):

I hear you, I see you, and I GET IT!! I have been on QUITE a journey ~ since 1994…over HALF MY LIFE! ~ of owning my Truth and stepping into my power as the SHAMAN my soul always has BEEN.

So I know this path can feel rocky and totally wacked out!

WHEW!! But I have persevered, endured the path, and committed myself to being 100% FULLY MYSELF since my Rebirth in 2010 ~ transforming from my “given name/identity at birth” to being fully ASTRA: The name of my Soul since the Creation of Earth herself.


Because this rocky, wacked out path is also the most vulnerable, beautiful, miraculous, wondrous and EMPOWERING Human Journey.

It is Every Thing a New Earth Shaman could dream of…and more!


If you are ready to….

  • Climb out of the pit of fear that stems from past lives of being punished for being your TRUE SPIRITUAL LEADER FULL-ON SHAMAN MAGICAL SELF, and stop being afraid to FULLY SHARE your true beautiful gifts and messages out into the world 
  • Open your heart, connect with and attract your Gold Soul Tribe – the unique, specific tribe of Earth Beings you are here in this lifetime to serve and support with your unique messages, talents and GIFTS 
  • Stand in your power as your True Creator Self…. Let go of dependence on anything external and fully embrace that YOU are the Creator AND Sustainor of your Soul-Aligned Success (and of All Things in your biz and life!)


If you have been yearning to stand fully in your power while taking your biz to a deeper level and REALLY attracting your perfect GOLD SOUL TRIBE….

Or if you have been talking about starting your Spiritual Leader biz but have been dragging your feet….

Beautiful Ones, NOW IS Your Time!


(Shamanic P.S.A. ~ By the way, if you know in your soul that you are a shaman, do not be afraid to call yourself a shaman. People may have uninformed ideas of what a shaman is or does. Don’t let this allow you to remain hidden and prevent you from owning the Truth of who you are, and why you are here in this lifetime!)




New Earth Shaman Collective – Monthly Membership: $147



New Earth Shaman Collective – Annual Membership: $1477




~ Twice Weekly Channeled Vibrational Messages to support your W.E.A.L.T.H.™ Health!

~ Weekly Energy Channeling Reports from God/Universe/The Animals (via Astra), tapping into what’s going on so we may successfully navigate our journeys in the New Earth Realm

~ Weekly W.E.A.L.T.H.™ Alchemy Distance Healing Circles

~ Weekly Workshopping: A dedicated weekly post in our fabulous Facebook group where you can workshop any aspect of your Magic Shaman biz…with me as your Magic Shaman guide…by your side, ALWAYS!

~ Weekly Archangel Healing and Manifesting Circles: Vibrational energy support for YOU

~ Weekly Check-Ins/Pop-Up Healings/Questions Answered via Facebook Live

~ Twice monthly Channeled Healing/Master Class Videos

~ Monthly Spirit-Guide Series: Healing/Master Class Video with Spirit Guide Guest Support

~ Monthly Power of 3 Series: Healing/Master Class Video incorporating 3 pieces of the “healing puzzle” as guided (For example: Integrity, Wealth, and Self-Love.) PLUS: Personalized healing for YOU!

~ 24/7 Shamanic Support in our private powerful MAGICAL Facebook Group: Ask me anything, any time!

~ 24/7 access to the W.E.A.L.T.H.™ Master Class Collection Archives 

~ 24/7 access to the W.E.A.L.T.H.™ Sound Healing Collection Archives

~ 24/7 access to the M.A.P.™ to Money Treasure Chest Archives (includes ALL of my Money, Abundance and Prosperity programs and materials from the past several years!)



The Spiritual Leaders Empowered: Shamanic Healing Series – Includes 3 Healing/Master Class Videos, 3 Empowerment Sound Healing plus bonuses…. 

And the Soul-Grown Dream Business Kit – Includes 4 Video Modules and 3 Ebooks….

>> NOTE: *I have never before given out the above programs as Gifts.* Be the first to receive yours!



New Earth Shaman Collective – Monthly Membership: $147



New Earth Shaman Collective – Annual Membership: $1477