My Pet Peeve (& My Pets!)


My biggest pet peeve is when people state things in one – or both – of the following ways:


“____________ is bad (or hard, or terrible, etc.).”

~ or ~

” ____________ is going to be bad (or hard, or terrible, etc.).”


This is a pet peeve of mine because these statements literally predetermine the terrible-ness of whatever it is the person is referring to – and so the person has created that challenging energy cycle for themselves.

I understand when folks state things in this way, for sure. Sometimes things that are going on around us, or things we see on the news (for example), can tug a bit at our high vibes – and we fall into old patterns of allowing the external world to bring us down.

However, if we want to BE the change we wish to see in the world, we must make it a practice to remember that WE CREATE OUR REALITIES – and that we get to CHOOSE how we desire our realities to BE.


Here is an example of this, with my SELF as the star of the story (Yes, I gave in to my own pet peeve and created a “hard” reality for myself a few days ago! LOL):

We have new puppies – siblings – Baxter and Minerva. They just turned 10 weeks old this week, so – as you can imagine – they require lots of energy in order to keep up with them when it comes to playing, training and supervision!

3 days ago I allowed things to start off on the wrong foot. So – when puppies aren’t happy with something – or when they need something, or when they want something different than what they have – they bark.

Of course! This is how they communicate – by using their voice!

We have them safely sectioned in the dining room with baby gates. They have access to their crates, beds, toys and potty pads – and, for the most part, me! Since I work from home, I am their primary caregiver. And I give them attention, take them out and play with them lots and lots between their bouts of sleepiness and naptimes.

Well, on occasion, “Mom” (that’s me!) needs to leave the room for a second. To grab something from the other room, to make a sandwich, to do a bit of cleaning or laundry, etc. On this recent morning, the pups did NOT want Mom out of their sight – and so when I had to pop in the other room for a minute or two, they would bark and bark (and BARK!). And instead of being perfectly patient and teaching them over and over that all is well and that I always come back, I allowed the barking to stress me out – probably because it sounded like I was mistreating them, which I would NEVER do – and I allowed myself to feel hurt and sad that they would think I could ever do anything to make them unhappy.

LOL – I am cracking up about it now, but I was really emotionally wrought at the time.

I continued to do everything for them – take them out, feed them, give them fresh water and hugs and kisses – but I was allowing myself to feel so stressed.

And the more stressed I became, the more reasons they thought of to bark!

ACK!! 😉

While all of this was going on, I kept saying out loud (to the pups? to myself?): “This is a hard day, guys. Yes, this is a hard day.”

We made it through the day, and by nightfall I was totally exhausted and out of steam.

Finally, however, a light bulb turned on in my consciousness and I thought: “HEY! I know what…tonight I will create the intention that tomorrow will be a good day, full of flow and ease!

And when I woke up the next day, again I thought to myself: “Today is a good day. Today is easy.”

And guess what?


It WAS EASY! And flowy, and GOOD!!


So, while at times I can fall back into the Old Earth heavy way of “letting life happen TO me,” generally speaking nowadays I remember to CREATE my life as I DESIRE it to BE!


And when I hear other people say things like: “This is hard/is going to be hard,” and I feel my triggers around this….

I am reminded of WHY it is my PURPOSE to help my Soul Clients reawaken that part of themselves that knows that they, too, are the CREATORS of their Realities – so why not create the Realities of their “wildest” and most joyous DREAMS?


Would you LOVE to create the Reality of your True DREAMS and Desires?

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Here is a pic of the gorgeous Minerva (bottom) and the dapper Baxter (top):

Sunshine Puppies