New True You – NOW!

The time is here when any pattern that does not serve your highest vibration is leaving Earth. 

You have learned what you needed to learn from these patterns and it is time to Create what you now desire.

Because the old is leaving, you may feel shaky – unsure – unsteady. It is important at this time to be grounded in your body. Drink water. Sit, breathe, be still often. 

Connect and reconnect with your heart several times throughout the day.

You may feel like your body is new – something you have to get used to.

This is because the patterns that are leaving have lived in our bodies as energy. So we felt that the patterns were us – when in fact they were simply energy teachers whose jobs are now complete.

It is now a time where many possibilities fly around our heads – and we are not sure which of them to catch and put into action. This is why stillness is currently your BFF – it is from stillness and connection to your heart that you will know your true desires, and from there know which action to take.

It is now time that you get to paint your life into any picture you desire – compose it into any music that sets your heart on fire. 

You may also feel that your progress, expansion and growth up until the present time hasn’t done you any good – please know that it has done a world of good. You are worthy and valuable and your good work is seen by the divine. You are just re-learning now to see it for yourself from your new pattern-free being! Everything might feel foreign to us at this time – even our own expansion!

So do not fret. You have done well. All is well and will be well.

The important thing to focus on now is your heart’s true desires.

For, now you get to create that which connects you to your inner peace, and your Soulful Success – whatever that truly means for you, from deep within the core of TRUE YOU.

You Rock, You’re Beautiful, and I Love You.