{Part Two} How to Grow Your Spiritual Business

In the last article, {Part One} How to Grow Your Spiritual Business, I wrote about the importance of the self-love and clarity factors (among other important key factors). 

But those two aren’t the only pillars to soulful success. There are two other important cornerstones – so there are four cornerstones in total.

The four cornerstones of your Divine Biz Success are: 





The reason they go in that order is that, in order to step into your power, at first you have to make a commitment to yourself – and you can best do this from a space of total self-love.

To honor and love yourself completely?

This can be hard for many spiritual business owners and entrepreneurs, because we’ve experienced so many past lives of being brutalized for being in our power.

But when you consciously choose to connect back into your soul and see the beauty of your pure essence, and begin to fall in love with your unique and amazing spiritual gifts and powers – when you can fully embrace your magic – that’s when you’re ready for self-empowerment

That’s when you can really stand in the power of your truth and your message. 

That’s when you build up your energetic boundaries so that when you are walking into your business services and offerings, you’re doing so from a place of being firmly fully grounded in yourself. A place where nothing can shake you.

Nothing can tear down your Truth.

Next comes Clarity, as in really honing in on the who, what, when, where and why (and how!) in your business:

Who does your tribe consist of? 

What do you do for them?

The when, where and how are kind of all smushed together; as in: 

How do you package your offers? Are your offerings 8-week programs, two-hour workshops or DIY courses? How do you offer/deliver them? Are you entirely online? Or are you online and in person…or only in person? When do you offer/deliver them? Etc.

Your Why is mainly a combo of your soul purpose (the eternal purpose of your soul) and your life purpose (the purpose and passion that has grown within you from your life experiences and realizations in this lifetime). 

There’s also your Earth Purpose, which doesn’t always play into your Divine Biz purpose…well, actually, I shouldn’t say that. I think it really does. I think as things stand today, we really are integrating/needing to integrate our Earth purposes into our businesses. 

Our Earth Purposes deal with how we can leave Earth a better place than it has been when we’ve been here.

For instance, my Earth Purpose is animal kindness, which is desperately needed on this planet. Obviously it’s needed in order to save the animals, but it’s also desperately needed for humans because animals are our greatest teachers of empowerment and and self-love (interestingly enough). Without them we wouldn’t be here. So, before I start crying…. 🙁 

…Yeah, that sums up the who, what, when, where, why and how. That’s the Clarity piece.

And the final cornerstone of Divine Biz for Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Biz Owners is Connection.

You’ve got the first three in place – now you’re ready to actually call forth and magnetize your people. 

Now you can go out in the world and be visible – seen, heard, trusted and loved. 

And you WILL be loved! If you’re already grounded in self-love, your true soul peeps will love you – because like attracts like. They will mirror back to you the love you’ve shown yourself.

If you’re already grounded in self-love, your true soul peeps will love you – because like attracts like. They will mirror back to you the love you’ve shown yourself.

So – Connection is when you go forth and attract your True Soul Tribe – the people that you are divinely meant to serve and support and help in this lifetime on Earth. 

When you have the four cornerstones – Self- Love, Self-Empowerment, Clarity and Connection – solidly locked in place, you are grounded in knowing that Soulful Success can’t help but flow into your receiving channels!


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