Magical Money Miracle


Releasing emotional issues, trauma and blocks around MONEY is one of the most pressing needs right now for our Tribe.

If we are here to create heaven on Earth (and as Alchemists, Shamans, Sorcerers & Starseeds, WE ARE) – and if we are here to step into our power and spread our messages globally out to our Tribes (WE ARE!) – it is equally important that we are in wide-open receiving mode when it comes to equal energy exchange! 

As Divine Biz Owners we are out-putting our energy just about 24/7.

Even when we are not teaching, healing or sharing our Truths on social media, for example, our vibration – our energetic imprint – is still working and transmitting our Truths and messages out into the world. 

Even while we sleep.

And although that is the WHY of why we are here – sharing our Souls’ message and Truth – it can become freaking exhausting – even to the point of feeling like quitting – when we are putting so much of ourselves OUT THERE, but not allowing our SELVES to receive energy back.

I am talking Energy in the form of MO-NEY. 

Being a soulful and Magical Messenger is a calling AND A CAREER ($$!!) – just as being a restaurant owner, architect, professor or engineer can be callings & careers.

When we combine our callings (i.e. what we feel called to – what we are passionate about in our hearts) with our souls’ purpose – WHY we are here and what we are meant to DO in this (and all!) lifetimes, we are fully stepping into our power, our Truth and our ABUNDANCE.

We are telling the Universe that we are honoring our position as Messengers, and we are trusting that putting these forces – our callings and purposes – together, and beginning to build our empires, will create the support systems that we need in order to not just survive, but THRIVE on Planet Earth for the duration of our time here.

And, for now, THRIVING (and not just surviving) includes the receiving of MONEY.

Hey, while we’re at it, why not – instead of just “receiving money” – make it “exceeding all limiting thresholds of the past and opening to WEALTH NOW beyond our wildest dreams”?

What if money never needed to be an issue, EVER AGAIN?

What if your soul is holding on to memories and imprints of how your money reality played out in past lives, or early in this life, as you took on the money energy from those around you…long before you were aware that their self-created realities never had to become yours?

What if the nuts and bolts of your money challenges were not grounded in the physical, but were simply caused by blocks  in your energy, emotions or mind – that can easily be removed and replaced with your MONEY FREEDOM energy?


This is where I come in….

I AM here, as your shaman and guide, to partner with you in creating your:


What you receive in MAGICAL MONEY MIRACLE:

The following will be delivered to you in your inbox over a month-long period, typicially starting within 48 hours of receiving your order:

~ Your personalized distance Magical Money Miracle Healing + Email Report of what occured during your healing

~ 3 Magical Money Miracle Sound Healing audios, channeled for your specific Money Freedom needs

~ 2  Magical Money Miracle Channeled Messages tailored to your unique vibrational money imprint

~ 2 Magical Money Miracle Affirmations for you to use any time you need a lift in your money vibe

~ Unlimited Magical Money Miracle Email Support for a full month

~ PLUS (INCREDIBLE BONUS!): Receive your personalized distance Magical Biz Visibility Miracle Healing (+ Email Report) – Valued at $777 – as my Gift to you, in support of your most empowered Magical Messenger self!


The thing about Magical Money Miracle healing is that it doesn’t just clear up old, outworn money issues – it also naturally clears other trauma that could be contributing to emotional, mental and physical issues as well.

Because energy is energy – and if it’s blocked, it’s blocked.

And when it’s cleared, it’s cleared!

It’s all related!


As a human being in this lifetime I am divinely designed to support you in releasing money blocks and creating your bountiful new money paradigm in which you welcome in money, and all types of abundance, effortlessly.

And I simply LOVE doing this. I love seeing my clients instantly manifest their dreams and desires – from extra pocket money to tens of thousands of dollars; international trips; new homes in their dream locations;  the ability to conceive a much wanted child; creating and building thriving, soulful businesses …I have witnessed all this and more happening for my beautiful Tribe over the years – and it never gets old.


Makes me want to SING. 🙂 

So, open to receive – open, open beloved ~ and your life will be forever changed ~ abundantly.


NOTE: There are no refunds, because I only accept people who say YES on all levels of their beings to their Money transformation, which energetically begins at the time of purchase. So make sure that you vibe with me before purchasing – and make sure you are a 100% Conscious YES to your Money Transformation!

*YES!* I want to CREATE my Miraculous Money Reality NOW:


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