[Channeled Message] Quiet Excitement

…Like the smell of rain ~ you know it’s going to happen but you don’t know when….

This one of my channeled messages. I usually share these only with my clients.

Today, I am guided to share this one with you all!

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It is a day of allowing.

Shoulders relaxed, breath simple and clean.

No need to hurry, activity comes

in little flurries as it is meant.

Like clouds moving quite slow, or fast

with the wind.


The air brings a sense of anticipation;

quiet excitement. Like the smell 

of rain ~ you know it’s going to happen

but you don’t know 



It’s OK.

To not know

is a part

of the excitement.

To learn to be all good

with the not knowing ~ yet ~ is a part

of Human Enlightenment

on our fun Journey called 



Meanwhile, decide

what you would love

to Create. Feel how good

it feels to have 

what you are magnetizing

to you. Spinning your web,

Great Spider,

you wait ~



~ Astra the Shaman, © 2020


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