Connect Your Soul with Your Heart – A Divine Biz Message from Rhiannon

The goddess Rhiannon is here with a message for me to share with you, my Divine Biz Owner Tribe.

{Part Two} How to Grow Your Spiritual Business

In the last article, {Part One} How to Grow Your Spiritual Business, I wrote about the importance of the self-love and clarity factors (among other important key factors).  But those two aren’t the only pillars to soulful success. There are two other important cornerstones – so there are four cornerstones in total. The four cornerstones … Read more{Part Two} How to Grow Your Spiritual Business

New True You – NOW!

The time is here when any pattern that does not serve your highest vibration is leaving Earth.  You have learned what you needed to learn from these patterns and it is time to Create what you now desire. Because the old is leaving, you may feel shaky – unsure – unsteady. It is important at … Read moreNew True You – NOW!