Are You ALL IN for Your Prosperity?

Prosperity for Shamans, Healers, Messengers…. Are you thriving in all areas of your life and biz? Total Healing  Joy Finances Relationships Remember recently when I emailed about closing my Soul Biz membership to new members and opening up a brand new energetic space called HEAL, which focuses on healing EVERYTHING? (If you are not on my email … Read moreAre You ALL IN for Your Prosperity?

Connect Your Soul with Your Heart – A Divine Biz Message from Rhiannon

The goddess Rhiannon is here with a message for me to share with you, my Divine Biz Owner Tribe.

{Part Two} How to Grow Your Spiritual Business

In the last article, {Part One} How to Grow Your Spiritual Business, I wrote about the importance of the self-love and clarity factors (among other important key factors).  But those two aren’t the only pillars to soulful success. There are two other important cornerstones – so there are four cornerstones in total. The four cornerstones … Read more{Part Two} How to Grow Your Spiritual Business

{Part One} How to Grow Your Spiritual Business

* As a Spiritual Business owner, you function differently than the biz owners and entrepreneurs of yesteryear. For instance: you can’t get excited about projects unless they come from your soul, and unless you love them with all of your heart. You’re not thrilled with old school marketing tactics that feel spammy, icky and pushy. … Read more{Part One} How to Grow Your Spiritual Business

Seven Ways to Get Grounded

* Your dreams are already here. They exist within you. But one cannot create ones’ dreams into physical reality from a space of ungroundedness. And you are here on this physical planet in a physical body for a reason, yes? To create your DREAM reality into PHYSICAL reality from within your shining Soul! Therefore today … Read moreSeven Ways to Get Grounded

My Pet Peeve (& My Pets!)

* My biggest pet peeve is when people state things in one – or both – of the following ways: * “____________ is bad (or hard, or terrible, etc.).” ~ or ~ ” ____________ is going to be bad (or hard, or terrible, etc.).” * This is a pet peeve of mine because these statements … Read moreMy Pet Peeve (& My Pets!)


* There is no end to energy – it can always be replenished when you create your conscious intention of refreshment and renewal. There is no lack except in the mind. There is always a way to invite more abundance IN. Universe provides. It is one of Humans’ lessons to re-open and re-receive. ALL is … Read moreCONSCIOUS

[VIDEO] Happy Vibes = Wealthy Lives! 🧙‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧚‍♂️

Happy Vibes = Wealthy Lives! Channeling & Guided Shamanic Healing with Astra the Shaman 🧙‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧚‍♂️ Be sure to be in a quiet, meditative space while receiving this healing. Love, Astra Are you ready to SHINE? >> SHINE Divine Biz Portal << I appreciate you! Love, Astra the Biz Shaman