Connect Your Soul with Your Heart – A Divine Biz Message from Rhiannon

The goddess Rhiannon is here with a message for me to share with you, my Divine Biz Owner Tribe.

Seven Ways to Get Grounded

* Your dreams are already here. They exist within you. But one cannot create ones’ dreams into physical reality from a space of ungroundedness. And you are here on this physical planet in a physical body for a reason, yes? To create your DREAM reality into PHYSICAL reality from within your shining Soul! Therefore today … Read moreSeven Ways to Get Grounded

My Pet Peeve (& My Pets!)

* My biggest pet peeve is when people state things in one – or both – of the following ways: * “____________ is bad (or hard, or terrible, etc.).” ~ or ~ ” ____________ is going to be bad (or hard, or terrible, etc.).” * This is a pet peeve of mine because these statements … Read moreMy Pet Peeve (& My Pets!)


* There is no end to energy – it can always be replenished when you create your conscious intention of refreshment and renewal. There is no lack except in the mind. There is always a way to invite more abundance IN. Universe provides. It is one of Humans’ lessons to re-open and re-receive. ALL is … Read moreCONSCIOUS