Connect Your Soul with Your Heart – A Divine Biz Message from Rhiannon

The goddess Rhiannon is here with a message for me to share with you, my Divine Biz Owner Tribe.

{Part One} How to Grow Your Spiritual Business

* As a Spiritual Business owner, you function differently than the biz owners and entrepreneurs of yesteryear. For instance: you can’t get excited about projects unless they come from your soul, and unless you love them with all of your heart. You’re not thrilled with old school marketing tactics that feel spammy, icky and pushy. … Read more{Part One} How to Grow Your Spiritual Business


* There is no end to energy – it can always be replenished when you create your conscious intention of refreshment and renewal. There is no lack except in the mind. There is always a way to invite more abundance IN. Universe provides. It is one of Humans’ lessons to re-open and re-receive. ALL is … Read moreCONSCIOUS

MONEY: An Interview with God/Universe

* I was guided to conduct an interview with God/Universe on the subject of Money. What follows here is the result of this guidance.… GOD/UNIVERSE: We wish to share with you the importance of ridding yourself of any aversion to money.  When you hold on to the aversions, you are holding yourself back from expansion … Read moreMONEY: An Interview with God/Universe